Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ponds need refill's toooooo

My Dad!

Surf Side

I had such a great time with my boys. I am so happy to have a day to spend with them at the beach. That is one out door adventure we all shared together that we wont forget!
Jason and I got so sun burned we are still red! I hurt even thinking about it. We asked for it not putting on any sun screen.
We saw Dolphins about 300 yards from us.. and since there was just 2 shark attacks in Galveston I kept my eye out. Jason did some fishing the fish were jumping and biting the hairs on his legs.. But he had no luck in catching any its harder for him to fish off shore into the ocean. He is up for lessons bahahah
Ice cream in the ocean! fat free of course

I love to kiss this face muah